3D Yawn


In this update I did a lot of timing fixes mostly, but also I changed around the facial animation to give the character a little more of a personality.

I put this animation together in Autodesk Maya 2012. The rig is not my own I got it from http://www.joshburton.com (Some great rigs available here).

I used sort of a basic three-point lighting system to pretty the animation up a little. I like the Blake rig a lot (I tend to use it for most test animations). He does have his occasional complex oddness but mostly he is pretty reliable (considering he is a free rig)

I compiled the image sequence in Maya and through on a solid colour (the pink) as a background.

As far as the actual animation goes, I’m happy with the overall turnout although there are a few main areas I intend to go back and tweek. (Mostly the ease ins and outs, maybe add a bit more mouth movement and finger movement)

Hopefully everybody likes what they’ve seen so far. I will be posting a flash walk and talk next week with a full body rig I built. (So stay tuned for that)


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