Fan Expo 2012

Hopefully you got a chance to stop by our booth this weekend at Fan Expo 2012. We had a great time and met a lot of fantastic people.

Now that Fan Expo has ended and my final year in Tradigital Animation is about to begin this blog will be going crazy with updates (after an extremely long lull)

Since I’ve got a lot to update this blog will be a little eclectic, but first off, for those of you that didn’t get the chance to attend Fan Expo or stop by our booth. Kris Auger and myself had a booth set up selling some of our prints and various other things from our personal works as well as our works at ; We also were making a good effort to get knowledge out about our development blog for an animated webseries we’re working on over at (The blog goes live tomorrow so check it out).

So Here are some images of a few of the pieces I had available at fanexpo (and I still have some copies if you are interested in getting a hold of them)



We had a ton of fun and we will definitely be attending more events like this in the future (I’m not 100% aware of all the events worth checking out so if you know of any let me know)

Now as for the animation. I am starting production of my final film for school which I’m expecting to be pretty exciting. I will be posting a ton of updates as I’m working on that as well as many study animations in the next few weeks (I’m working on preparing some show reels).

Thanks for checking everything out 😀