2D Demo Reel Update June 2013


¬†Here’s the most recent update to my animation reel. I added some scenes from recent projects over the past few weeks, as well as a new music track provided by https://soundcloud.com/yannick-jason .

I’ve also started a new casual blog where I post various small animations which you can check out here¬†http://rokusho1345.wordpress.com/


Demo Reel Update May 2013


Here is an updated version of my 2D animation reel. I used a variety of programs to complete the scenes including Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and Toonboom Animate.

Thanks for checking it out


Hey everyone! In this post I will be putting up a bunch of rough storyboards of various projects I’m either working on or would like to work on at some point.

BlackDogComp Bobway and the Apple of Contempt Rough Boards


The first set of rough storyboards is an idea for a short I had called Black Dog (Working title). I wanted to do something about this post apocalyptic setting without explaining the history. So I decided to go with this action based story about a boy and his dog battling a monstrous creature in a destroyed city.

The second set is for a Bobway idea. Bobway is a character that always seems to pop up in my brain so I like to work with him. In this story he encounters a sassy apple that mocks Bobways inability to partake in the bounty of the apples from the tree. Bobway eventually knocks the Apple from the tree but is left stuck and again unable to eat an apple.

Sun Flare Rough Boards


The final set of roughs are for a piece I’m currently working on using Toon Boom Animate, Photoshop and After Effects. A young boy and his father discuss the profound nature of their cosmic relationship with the sun, only to discover the sun isn’t such a nice guy.

Scene 9 Basic Layout


Above is a screen grab of the WIP on scene 9. The fire and smoke still needs to be added but this image reflects the style I’m going with for the short.